Ghastly Shares Video With Evidence That Carnage Bought Plays On New Documentary


Two days ago, Ghastly called out Carnage for allegedly buying views on his new documentary, The Price Of Greatness. His argument pointed to the discrepancy in views versus likes on the video (only 2k likes on 713k views at the time, while others had much, much different ratios). Ghastly later deleted the tweet at the request of his management.

Later that night, Carnage responded: “Ghastly if you can prove I purchased fake views on my documentary I’ll donate 100K to any COVID relief non-profit you want… but if you can’t how about you donate 1k to @anfnicaragua if you’re so sure that I have faked my numbers…”

Now, Ghastly has come back with a video giving evidence of his findings, one he claims puts the nail in the coffin. (It also must be noted that Ghastly donated $1,000 to Carnage’s requested charity before he even began his argument.) Like Your EDM’s original article on the subject, he examined other videos in EDM, namely documentary-style videos, that had realistic view/like ratios, not even videos that had the same amount of views as his.

As he showed in his findings, many videos exist that have fractions of the views as The Price of Greatness with more realistic ratios, many of them trouncing his documentary in likes. Screenshots of comments on the documentary also pointed toward buying views.

The nail in the coffin, as Ghastly puts it, alleges that this is not even the first time Carnage has bought views. He shows Socialblade data where Carnage’s videos spiked by millions of views even when he hadn’t posted a thing.

While there’s no concrete evidence, such as bank records or transactions, the overwhelming amount of even circumstantial evidence gives Ghastly’s argument far more weight.

Watch the full video below.

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