See how your Spotify music taste compares with friends with new app


Though early reports indicated that music streaming has gone down during quarantine, we’re still streaming a lot of music. And though not everyone’s tastes are the same, there are definitely areas of overlap. Enter musictaste, a new app built off Spotify’s public API that lets you compare you music taste with friends.

The process is easy enough. Once you log in with your Spotify account, you’re taken to a dashboard with options to look at your own insights, generate a code to share with friends (where they can compare their taste with yours), and even generate playlists based on artists and tracks you have in common with friends! (Though, you have to match above 50% to do that last one.)

Unfortunately, there’s no way to share your insights directly, but you can create a playlist of “My COVID-19 Tunes” that reflects what you’ve been listening to.

Check it all out on Musictaste here!

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