Now’s a Good Time to Transition to Natural Deodorant


Deodorant is a tricky one. Not only is it super specific to your own taste, in terms of both scent and texture, but the way you sweat is also specific to you. That said, not all deodorant works for all people, and that means you might have to go through a lot of trial and error before you find the right one.

This especially tends to be the case when we’re talking about natural deodorant. If you’ve already made the decision to switch from traditional to natural, that’s a great first step. It’ll help your body detox more naturally thanks to the lack of that sweat gland-clogging aluminum. Plus, it’s typically free from stuff like parabens and phthalates, and it’s often vegan, too.

But, if you’re not down to go through every single natural deodorant on the market, we feel you, and we’re here to make your life a little bit easier. To help you on the hunt for your perfect match, read through for our feels on our favourite natural deodorants.


best natural deodorant

Lavender & Rose, $12 USD,

“Something you should know about me is that I have spent a lot of money and time test driving natural deodorants. So when I say I like something, you know I’m not clowning. Our precious pits are all different, so not every formula is a one-size-fits-all, but Native works across the board, for me *and* a lot of my friends. The brand has a bevy of nice scents (my get down is Lavender & Rose but Coconut & Vanilla is a fan fave). It’s not sticky to apply and doesn’t require you to revisit it every few hours. B.O.? Don’t know her.”—Amy Valm, contributor

Green Beaver

best natural deodorantNatural Antipersperant, $13,

“I’ve probably tried ten different natural deodorants in the past year and this one is by far my fave. Unlike others I’ve tried, Green Beaver’s newest product is actually an antiperspirant, which not only make your pits smell nice, it also keeps them dry—like, really dry. Using ‘NaturaDri’ technology, which is made of sunflower seed waxes, mimosa flowers and other natural ingredients, this product glides on like a dream and lasts all day.”—Erinn Stewart, contributor 

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best natural deodorant

Body Long-Lasting Deodorant, $15,

“My go-to deodorant is this one from Nuxe (which I first read about here). When they say it’s long-lasting, they are serious—this is the only natural deodorant I’ve tried that lasts for a full 24 hours. Seriously. I can put it on in the morning on a humid day and not reapply until the next morning, and there will be zero B.O. smell! I’ve used mostly solid deodorant in the past, so it took me a little bit to get used to a wet roll-on, but it dries fast and doesn’t stain my clothes. Also, it smells so pretty.”—Lora Grady, contributor 


best natural deodorant

Rosy Pits, $14 USD,

“Smelling like a sweet bouquet of roses is always the goal as far as I’m concerned and this nice little swipe-a-roo touts an amazing scent that’s not too stuffy. Along with long-lasting protection from wet pits and funk, it doesn’t contain baking soda and goes on clear. If you’ve been let down by natural deodorants in the past, give this one a try.”—Amy Valm, contributor 

Joyous Health

best natural deodorant

Lavender Deodorant Stick, $8,

“Finding a natural deodorant isn’t easy—everyone’s pH is a little bit different, so what works for your BFF may suck for you. I tried several brands over the past 10 years (thankfully, natural deos have come a LONG way during that time) and eventually gave up, going back to a trusty conventional brand. Then, last year, I tried Joyous Health’s Lavender Deodorant Stick and, let me tell you: It is perfect. The scent is SO my jam (old-lady florals FTW), it glides on clear and doesn’t leave marks on my clothing, and—praise be—it keeps me smelling fresh all day. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!”—Charlotte Herrold, editor-in-chief at FLARE

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Meow Meow Tweet

best natural deodorant

Lemon Eucalyptus Deodorant Stick, $21,

“Thanks to that cute-as-heck name, this little guy makes a great first impression. And, probably more importantly, it also gets the job done. The stick comes in Push Pop-style packaging (#tbt), and the deodorant itself smells fresh and spicy. The consistency is a little hard, so I would recommend holding it in place on your underarm for a sec to let your body heat warm and soften it. I’ve worn it through workouts, on super hot summer days and under bulky, unbreathable sweaters, and it kept me dry and odour-free. It is formulated with a little baking soda, so heads-up in case you’re not into that. (Some people find it irritating, I did not with this one.) Bonus for the Earth: The packaging is 100% biodegradale.”—Tara MacInnis, contributor 

Mabrook & Co.

best natural deodorant

Clean Deodorant, $16,

“I met this Canadian-made stick via my friend who happened to be so obsessed with it that she made candles in the same scent profile (hey, Kerry Lee!). The formula is a tad stickier than your average deo, so take your time getting used to it, but the scents last and wetness and stank are nowhere to be found.”Amy Valm, contributor 

Under Carriage

best natural deodorant

Gerouli Deodorant Cream, $24,

“I typically use men’s deodorant because I find it works better for me and I like fresh scents instead of the floral options that most women’s sticks come in. When I first switched to natural deodorant, it was not an easy or comfortable transition. I felt like I was sweating more and just generally stinkier. The one exception was when I used Under Carriage. The packaging is really different (it’s in a tub rather than a stick), but I actually liked using my hands to rub this product into my pits after my shower. The texture and scent is lovely, and I found that it kept me fresh for most of the day. I would typically reapply it at the end of the work day, but that’s something I often end up doing even with conventional deodorants. Because the Gerouli is grey, it left some residue on my clothes (particularly sweaters), so next time, I would opt for one of their lighter-coloured options.”—Ishani Nath, contributor 

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best natural deodorant

Lemon Deodorant, $24,

“I’ve tried out many a natural deo and while most start out keeping me smelling fresh, often after a couple days they throw in the towel and I’m back to smelly square one. I’ve been wearing Lovefresh’s Natural Deodorant daily for the last few months and it’s the real deal. I’ve even worn it to quite a few spinning classes and it holds up (and I’m *not* a dainty sweater). No stink fumes in sight (or smell).”—Emily MacCulloch, contributor

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