Joe Rogan Signs Exclusive Deal with Spotify for More Than $100 Million


The Joe Rogan Experience, the popular podcast from the comedian, entertainer, and host, is officially moving to Spotify. With nearly 1,500 episodes, it is not only one of the most prolific podcasts, it’s also now the most highly valued.

WSJ reported that the new deal with Spotify is worth more than $100 million, according to insiders. Some of his biggest guests include Deadmau5, Elon Musk, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Mike Tyson, Lance Armstrong, and more.

Rogan will continue to upload videos to his YouTube, though they won’t be full episodes. Starting on September 1 the podcast will be available on Spotify as well as all platforms, and then at the end of the year it will move exclusively to Spotify.

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