Revolushn: “Electric”


One of the most genre defying, musically insane bands Revolushn has recently released a new single called “Electric.” Because of the timely theme of the song, the super-sensational video, and the genius of frontman and writer “No” (aka Frank Schubert), the song has sky rocketed creating a massive Spotify buzz. I revisited the California based lead singer and threatened him with more questions pertaining to the song as well as other intimate interrogations……

You’ve been in the music business for a while now, can you recall a moment in your career that helped change the trajectory of your life?

Which trajectory? The one where I am flying down the Highway to Hell in a 59 Cadillac headed for desolation and death? Oh, you mean with the band. It was the day I met DEKAY in an alley in downtown LA

and he started banging on a trashcan. That beat became the first song we wrote together.

When writing your newest hit “Electric” what was on your mind and the same question for the video?

I was thinking about how society has become wired up and connected. And how the order of that connection is very powerful and how it changes our lives. And about how there are some dark places in that network. And how when AI kicks in it will change things even more. And I think that AI will be more killer Terminator than the friendly Jetson’s robot that cleans the house and tells junior to go to bed.

On Electric you collaborated with Pink Floyd’s Scott Page, who is the person that you most like to still collaborate with that you never have?

Of the current artists I think Lady Gaga. Oh, and Miley Cyrus. I have a friend that worked with her and he told me she is super cool. From the past I would love to jam with Hendrix. Just to watch his fingers.

 “Electric” was released a little more than a month ago….it’s doing phenomenal….. what do you attribute to it’s success?

I think the video has had a lot to do with it. It is really cool. And the lyrics seem to fit with current events. It was written about things that are happening now just a couple minutes ago. Ha ha And it is a very easy song to dance to.

I’m assuming you have more songs in the works since this is a creative time for everyone, tell us your secrets?

You will have to wait for the book to get the secrets.

What do you think is next for the concert world and the entire music industry?

In the not too distant future I think concerts will be virtual. And not on a screen but with headsets that connect to your brain. So, it will be better than being there.

Tell me one thing about you that I should know that I don’t already know?

I am from the planet Grocktos 4 and I am here to eat pudding and rule this planet.

Leave us with some words of wisdom

 The secret to a long life is KEEP BREATHING.

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