Dutch Government: Single People During COVID-19 Advised To Find “Sex Buddy”


There’s no doubt that we live in strange times. Though many have lives through various pandemics over the past 75 years, nothing has ever compared to the global crisis that COVID-19 has caused. And beyond the economic turmoil, there’s also a social turmoil brewing, at least according to the Dutch who criticized their government for a lack of sex advice for singles.

The Netherlands, home to the Red Light district in Amsterdam, has also been particularly sex positive and even had less strict social distancing guidelines than their European neighbors, still permitting small gatherings if distancing was observed.

Now, the Dutch government has issued new guidance to single people seeking intimacy during the pandemic, advising them to find a “sex buddy.”

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) says singletons should come to an arrangement with one other person. RIVM says, “it makes sense that as a single [person] you also want to have physical contact” during the pandemic.

“Discuss how best to do this together,” the RIVM guidance says. “For example, meet with the same person to have physical or sexual contact (for example, a cuddle buddy or ‘sex buddy’), provided you are free of illness.

“Make good arrangements with this person about how many other people you both see. The more people you see, the greater the chance of (spreading) the coronavirus.”

“Sex with yourself or with others at a distance is possible,” it adds, suggesting “erotic stories” and “masturbating together” as possible solutions.

On Monday, the Netherlands began the first stage of a five-phase lockdown exit plan.

As part of the first phase, libraries, hairdressers, nail bars, beauticians, massage salons and places providing occupational therapy were allowed to reopen from May 11.

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