Vancouver-Based Brand Zano by Sadj Celebrates Spring’s Most Photographed Flower

Photography courtesy of Zano by Sadj.

Keep Cherry Blossom season going year round with these earrings from Zano by Sadj.

The coming long weekend would typically be a time when we’d all be searching out the darling buds of May for our first real feel of spring. But with social distancing rules still in place, bringing a bit of the great outdoors to you is a little more realistic. Happily, Vancouver brand Zano by Sadj has an assortment of earrings that will let you enjoy the beauty of Instagram’s favourite flowers, the Cherry Blossom, all year long.

Inspired by the brand’s founder Sadjéda Umar’s love of this floral symbol of the new season– “They’re like a bell that announces that it’s spring,” she says—the playful accessories evoke a sense of movement thanks to their smattering of ‘petals’ as well as full blossoms. “The picture I had in my head is when you look towards the sky, and the petals whirl around you in the wind,” says Umar. “That’s what I wanted to express with this design.”

Photography courtesy of Zano by Sadj.

Umar’s other creations are equally dynamic, with a strong use of colour and shape; you’ll find multi-coloured marble-like drops, and others that resemble rain clouds—but with an optimistic twist. After moving to Vancouver from Reunion Island, Umar was struck by the gloominess of the city’s winter months. “I wanted to turn this depressing vibe into something more positive,” she says. “I did the rain clouds in pastels to contrast with the weather—to see something else that wasn’t grey.”

Since launching her brand in January of this year, just before the COVID crisis took hold, Umar has continued to find the silver lining in life however she can. And working on her pieces and keeping her creative inclinations up has been a big part of the process; designing jewellery made for the extroverts among us would certainly put anyone in a cheerful mindset. “If my business can bring some joy and empowerment to my customer, that would be so great,” Umar notes. “That’s what keeps me going.”

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