Catherine Cohen and Megan Stalter Have Turned Instagram Live into Quarantine’s Best Comedy Club


We asked 24 of our favorite minds—including Robert Pattinson, Dua Lipa, Offset, Desus + Mero, and more—what they’re discovering about art, and about themselves, in this age of isolation. See how they’re all staying creative in the time of quarantine here.

Catherine Cohen: How is quar going for you, baby girl?

Megan Stalter: I’m very up and down. I’ll be crying for two hours and then on Instagram Live dressed as a farmer.

CC: Raise your hand if you cry-sobbed today. [Both raise hands] Okay, switching gears. What’s the role of com in a pandem?

MS: It’s helped watching my friends’ IG Lives, but it is crazy how many people go Live at night now.

CC: If I don’t go Live, I’ll vaporize.

MS: We all have to do whatever we can to make ourselves and other people feel good.

Photograph by Brian Muller
Photograph by Nick Stalter

CC: You do so much crowd work in your set. Are you able to do that on Live?

MS: You know how you can let people in the video with you? Now I have regular people, and I’ll be like, “Oh, they’re back.”

CC: The comment feature is cool, but it lags so much. There’s not the immediacy of a crowd. I miss that goo-goo-ga-ga laughter.

CC: My mom tuned in and commented, “I feel like I’m watching you as a little girl in the living room putting on your little dances.” I’m like, “Mom, tug at my heartstrings in front of all my followers!”

MS: I got teary-eyed watching you. Even though this is horrible, it’s like, “Oh, this is what we’re meant to do because we won’t stop.”

CC: I’m never gonna stop singing in my house. Do you feel like we’re gonna be in a coffee-table book about this time?

MS: [laughs, then very seriously] Yes.

CC: You’re in a coffee-table book. You’re being taught in history classes.

MS: I miss you so much.

CC: Talking to you is the only medicine I need.

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24 Great Minds on Being Creative in the Time of Quarantine

Dua Lipa, Ottessa Moshfegh, Desus & Mero, Offset, and more share with GQ what they’re discovering about art, and themselves, in this moment of isolation.

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