20 Rock + Metal Musicians With Tattoos of Bands


Unless you get them removed or covered up, tattoos are there to stay. Therefore, getting a tattoo that represents a musician or band is the utmost level of dedication.

Plenty of fans get tattoos of their favorite musical artists as a way of expressing their love for the music, and all musicians started out as fans themselves. Plenty of them have their musical heroes permanently marked on them, whether it’s at tribute to someone who passed or simply one of their influences.

Did you know Dave Grohl has an “Ace of Spades” tattoo to honor Motorhead‘s Lemmy Kilmister? Nikki Sixx also has his Motley Crue bandmate Mick Mars tattooed on his leg. The most recurring one we’ve seen on multiple musicians is the Misfits‘ iconic Crimson Ghost logo.

You can listen to interviews of your favorite rockers to see who they worshipped growing up, but seeing the logos etched on their skin is a whole other story. Scroll through the photos below to see 20 Rock and Metal Musicians With Tattoos of Bands.

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