Lit Hub Weekly: October 9-13, 2023


TODAY: In 1926, A. A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh is first published. 

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Adam Dalva tries to profile Benjamín LabatutAnn Patchett rereads Oscar HijuelosPaul Yoon in conversation with his wife, Laura van den BergRumaan Alam wants you to read Helen Garner’s The Children’s Back, “a story about how life happens to all of us” • Aleksandar Hemon on endingsThe Marvelettes on how they became Motown music legends • Why Sergey Gandlevsky’s Russian protest poems still matter now •Adam Thirlwell on Witold Gombrowicz’s The Possessed • David Mitchell on life in early-Medieval England the less-than-illustrious origins of the English crown • Alex Dos Santos on how horror helps us confront and understand our griefAll the ways Rebecca Clarren learned to write her book • Sigmund Freud, Ambassador Bullitt, and the lost psychobiography of President Woodrow Wilson • Amanda Montei’s reading list of seven novels that explore consent and coercion • On the world’s most beautiful bird • Isa Arsén in praise of pulp fiction • Martin Goodman considers what it means to write about the HolocaustNobel Prize Laureate Katalin Karikó on her Hungarian childhood • Thrity Umrigar on fitting in in Americal • Dorothy Lasky on the power of horror  •Marlena Williams looks at Linda Blair’s infamous role The Exorcist

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