“ego” by Ava Della Pietra

Ava Della Pietra’s “ego” is the latest effervescent pop gem from this budding singer/songwriter who brings the thorough discipline of the singer/songwriter art together with a modern and commercial sound. She challenges listeners early on with structural shifts as the track transitions from an evocative percussion and bass-driven intro with an effects-laden vocal into a soaring piece of pop songcraft. Della Pietra’s ability to support a sustained identity throughout the assorted turns in releases such as this helps set her apart from many of her contemporaries. It imbues “ego” with a stronger identity.

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It signals a major shift in Della Pietra’s musical trajectory so far. Her songwriting takes a distinctly adult turn from its previously more “wholesome” image without ever fully betraying the essential DNA of her art. Anyone growing up with this performer will change as Della Pietra evolves, and such a metamorphosis gives her the potential to establish a long-term audience rather than exert fleeting appeal.

The song leaves a vibrant sonic fingerprint. “ego” has several sharp hooks in its construction, and the relentless synthesizer punch Della Pietra’s arrangement generates is one of them. The singer delivers her tale of a doomed relationship with a narcissist with a strong voice. Fundamentals underpin her vocal and she blazes with a continual spark that intensifies its urgency.

The lyrics are straightforward and conversational. Della Pietra’s language, however, does boast a clear-eyed eloquence cutting to the heart of the song’s subject rather than dancing around an emotional rendering. Despite her changes to her songwriting direction, there are enduring strengths propelling this new single that Della Pietra’s fans will recognize.

They are attractive to newcomers as well. You never doubt her commitment to a single syllable of the performance, and she shows full command of portraying her voice in the best possible light. Pop music such as this rides to the forefront rather than contenting itself with regurgitating its predecessor’s past glories. Her decision to never overextend the track pays off as well. She’s never demanding more of listeners than they will happily provide.

Her accompanying video for the song is a polished and atmospheric promotional clip par excellence. It puts Della Pietra’s obvious screen presence out front and follows many editing traditions familiar to music videos. The jump cuts moving the clip forward produce a tremendous amount of visual energy without ever seeming rushed. It’s a sturdy standalone work that illustrates the continuing relevance of music clips in the current scene.

This prolific multi-instrumentalist lays waste to anything standing in her way. The crackling creativity flaming from Della Pietra’s new single “ego”, as well as her recent work, stands out in a crowded pop world full of flash cuts lacking any substance. It solidifies her claim to being one of the best rising performers and songwriters today while leaving the impression she’s yet to do much more than scarcely scratch the surface of her talents. She knows how to write relatable narratives about everyday experiences with an idiosyncratic touch. It is the foundation of her gifts and hearing Ava Della Pietra explore the full range of those skills is an invigorating experience for a wide range of listeners.

Claire Uebelacker

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