Why Not Try Alien Nails?


This celebrity-approved translucent nail trend is out of this world.

Transparency is trendy in society these days — and on our nails, too. Allow us to explain. 

Though intricate floral designs and sweet pastel polishes capture the blooming essence of spring, there is a new nail trend in demand this season that has nothing to do with the polish painted onto them but rather, the lack thereof. Meet alien nails, the avant-garde see-through manicure that is anything but boring.

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Coined by celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik (who is also the brain behind the lip gloss nails trend), becoming a “nailien” through your futuristic mani involves a cosmic base of barely-there chrome polish and a set of acrylic nail extensions overtop to form transparent tips. The result is a mesmerizing manicure with a futuristic feel that’s minimalist, yet experimental. Bachik’s muse for the look? Anne Hathaway, who debuted this super fly set in attendance at Versace’s Fall 2023 show in Los Angeles last week. 

Joining Hathaway in the see-through manicure movement is
Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer, who accessorized her viral 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars after-party ensemble with an extraterrestrial set of clear nails, featuring gel bubble accents on each finger that can be spotted upon close inspection. Schafer’s other-worldly mani was crafted by Soji Nails, whose long-time signature is a surreal set of sculptural translucent nails. Once you become an admirer of her artistry, her work is hard to miss — and you may recognize it on the fingertips of stars like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera in editorial campaigns.

If you can’t decide on a colour at your next nail appointment, why not try a “nailien” mani instead? Or, at least begin with its glassy base and go from there? Though Bachik’s method has a particular look, there are many ways to approach a translucent manicure — if you’re up for the trend. Below, we’ve rounded up five interpretations of the clear nail trend for you to share with your manicurist at your next appointment. 

Rhinestone shine

Fancy a little bling? Top off your manicure with flashy rhinestones and abstract splashes of polish (here’s where you can get your spring colour fix!) to upgrade your translucent set. 

Modified French

If you’re a French manicure devotee, might we suggest you give this spin on the classic a go? After double lining the tip of your natural nail, complete the look with these gel bubble accents like Schafer’s.

Go dark

Add these glassy mosaic tips to the top of a dark manicure for a satisfying contrast of dark and light that feels super interstellar. And don’t worry about wearing black during the spring, the Spring 2023 runways proved that goth beauty is still on trend.

Bubble bling

Adorn your nails with any combination of pearl, silver, or gold bubble jewels for a bedazzled set that can surely be seen from outer space. Try mixing up the sizes of your gems to add a little extra dimension. 

Polka-dot polish

Cover each nail of your see-through set with this polka-dot design to add some extraterrestrial texture to the manicure — and some colourful fun.

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