Slipknot’s Clown Shares Creepy AF Video for New Version of ‘Yen’


The artistic vision of Slipknot‘s Shawn “Clown” Crahan never stops, with fans now being given a video that’s a director’s cut from the “Yen” video universe featuring the song “Bone Church.”

fFans may remember the already spooky visual attached to “Yen” upon its release last August, and while some of the visual themes transfer over (such as the unmasked bespectacled Corey Taylor and the warring black silhouette figures), Clown has definitely upped the creepy factor on this video.

The idea of identity seems to play into Clown’s director’s cut, with a majority of the characters appearing to have multiple faces through either masks, makeup or visual editing. As with the prior clip, Taylor appears to be keeping a watchful eye over all of the activity, while the silhouette figures seem to be battling for dominance.

Unlike the original “Yen” video, which featured other members of the band, Taylor appears to be the only Slipknot member in the clip, and even then he is often shown primarily in a close-up of his glasses-covered eye.

As for “Bone Church,” Clown states, “On the road, we have a ‘jam room’ set up backstage at every show, where we play, practice, warm up and sometimes try out new ideas. Bone Church started life in a jam room on the .5: The Gray Chapter tour. We’ve been bringing it closer and closer to life ever since, and finally, here it is. This one is for the fans – a further vision deeper into Slipknot’s history, which is still being written. Enjoy.”

Get a closer look at Clown’s director’s cut for Slipknot’s “Yen” with the new song “Bone Church” and revisit the original band video for ‘Yen” to catch the changes and see how the artist’s vision has evolved.

Slipknot, “Yen” (Clown’s Director’s Cut [Bone Church])

Slipknot, “Yen”

The Evolution of Slipknot’s Terrifying Masks

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