Building Telco Edge: Why Multicloud will Dominate


Building Telco Edge: Why Multicloud will Dominate –


Cloud computing or cloud network concept

Developing edge-enabled services is Developing edge-enabled services is complicated; there are key decisions to be made at each level of the value chain, starting with infrastructure.

CSPs are important stakeholders that can determine the growth of the edge market, namely because they are the only ones that can build a significant proportion of it – the network edge.

However, even building the infrastructure is a challenging task, as there are three factors that CSPs need to consider: how converged their edge infrastructure will be, which part of the organisation owns their edge strategy, and how they choose to partner with hyperscalers.

  • Although hyperscalers are viewed as credible partners to support CSPs to build their edge, most CSPs believe only a minor proportion of their edge will be hyperscaler-provided
  • CSPs must evaluate which partners they should work with and how depending on their use cases, go-to-market strategy and technical needs throughout the value chain
  • Regardless of the commercial edge strategy, CSPs must be clear on organising their edge partnerships strategy

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