The Mark’s Latest Track “Wondrous”


There’s an interesting type of song that I wish would be discussed more. It doesn’t have an official genre but I lovingly refer to it as “the soundtrack of the soul” type song. You know that feeling when you’re driving in your car and a song comes on that’s too perfect for what you’re feeling? That it transcends the intended universal qualities and becomes something that feels like it was made only for you and no one else?

Well that’s what The Mark’s latest rock track “Wondrous”: sounds like. Maybe I am a bit biased and that I listened to it at the right time, thinking to myself while looking out the window, that I’d like to date again, but not just casually, I wanna find someone, someone special to me. As the holidays quickly approach, it’s something I’m sure many people can relate to. The song’s rhythm is as lively as the heartbeat you can hear when you’re about to make the dive to speak to someone you’re into.

Even the lingering final notes and breathy delivery of the song’s opening line “If you would only get to know me” speaks volumes to the cynical feeling of falling in and out of love. Something I find really interesting is the sound The Mark have chosen, it feels like something that would fit perfectly in a late 980s/early 2000s drama like The OC or (and I mean this respectfully) a Twilight film.

The reason I think that is because of it’s simplistic but not simple percussive beat and how the guitar wails alongside our lead singer every time the chorus kicks in with a breathy pause. It’s really fantastic stuff, especially for those looking for a sound that feels familiar, but original and fresh enough to stand on its own. I really love the way they utilize piano in a subtle and effective manner that I think many might not notice the first go around.

The song was somewhat cobbled together with love across the bands touring season, and you’d be hard pressed to believe that with how good everything comes together, probably in shortage because of the involvement of veterans like Grammy winning Darcy Proper who’s worked with the likes of the Eagles, Steely Dan and more. It’s also worth noting the involvement of producer Ronald Prent who’s worked with Freddie Mercury of Queen fame, since the heights this song goes to emotionally and vocally feel right at home with the iconic brit band.

There’s something wonderful about this song in that it feels like something that’s existed for a long time, but is brand new to our ears. By the end of my many listens, I felt inspired to put myself out there and connect with someone, and I know many more will find myself in this position. It’s an absolute highlight in the indie rock scene in a year that’s been stuffed to the gills with fantastic work, but once again The Mark leave their Mark as a cut above the rest. It’s truly wondrous.

Claire Uebelacker

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