Rina Chanel Releases “Sweetest of Melody”

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Silky and smooth like satin sheets – singer and songwriter Rina Chanel has a way of making the listener feel relaxed and at total ease in the new soulful, pop/adult contemporary song, “Sweetest of Melody”. A tantalizing feat of harmonies and a near grandeur, Chanel is an artist that paints a lovely picture, brushing off any negativity or fear. “Sweetest of Melody” is like hearing a Valentine card come to life – between Chanel’s wonderful voice and her male beau in the song, “Sweetest of Melody” has the listener in the palm of its hand.

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A bit of a throwback to the grooves and old school vibes of Taylor Dane, Anita Baker or even Teddy Pendergrass—Chanel takes a rightful place on the throne. She’s regal sounding. She has the voice of a woman that owns the room with grace. I loved the way she carries herself in this song – there is a slight veil of vulnerability. You feel like you can enjoy her happiness, you can entertain the idea of being in her shoes. So many songs are love letters -and “Sweetest of Melody” is one of the best I’ve heard in some time. The song’s success starts and ends with Chanel’s vocals. She moves the song much more so than the jazzy music bed.

Don’t get me wrong – the music and rhythm is triumphant too. It moves along like a sensual dance with a PG-rating. The instrumentation and Chanel’s profession of love unfolds like your favorite couple. I somehow – okay, it’s easy – became invested in these two and just fell for their love. I know it might even sound silly, but I felt like their love story is one for the ages – like the kind you read about from the 1940s where a gal writes letters to her guy who’s fighting overseas. My immediate reaction to this song was something a bit more modern, but as I went back to it, I was able to imagine an entirely different world. Between the jazz vibes, the sparkling piano and the steady percussion, this song has a way of finding a new story with each listen. I loved the layering and the drama happening underneath Chanel’s voice. It gave way to a whole, even better, listening experience. Not in a relationship? No problem. Drift away to her voice and imagine what all could be. “Sweetest of Melody” has a way of making you feel a teeny bit envious of her relationship. Just a bit.

Chanel really connects with her listener. “Sweetest of Melody” is not an average song – it’s way better. I think us music fans are always on the hunt for something innovative or new. I felt like this song was perfectly modest and so special. I keep going back to the word ‘sweet’ and it sure fits. Maybe it’s the way she endears herself to the listener, or maybe it’s the starry-eyed dream we all have for our relationships, but “Sweetest of Melody” surely gives the listener something to be happy about.

Claire Uebelacker

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