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Leitreanna Brown, a paranormal investigator, Shaman, storyteller, and public speaker, is a native Southerner who is well acquainted with ghost stories of the South as her family worked with many of these cases.  Her writing has appeared in Paranormal Underground Magazine, Fate Magazine, and Senior Magazine.

Her Paranormal Experience extends back to her family roots for generations where Leitreanna is 4th generation, Ghost Hunter.  Leitreanna, her husband Matthew Brown, and her children Mia Brown and Elijah Brown, have various degrees of psychic abilities.  Her husband, Matthew Brown’s specializes is analytical abilities and fierce technical experience.  Matthew also lived in a very violently haunted home as a child and has had practical experience growing up dealing with spiritual activities that many people have never even seen.

Leitreanna is a registered Analytical Problem Solving Trainer, a Reiki Master, a Medical Qi Gong attunement 3, does crystal work, has studied chakra orientation, native American Folklore, and is a trained shaman.  She is also approved by the church to conduct the rite of exorcism.  She and her husband are Founders of two paranormal groups.  They are Founders of Paranormal Research Organization of the Southeast (PROS) where team members and family members participate in the investigations.  They also founded Family Spirit which is an all-family investigative team.  The radio program that Leitreanna hosts share the name, Family Spirit International, which has been running for 12 years and is currently on Dreagus Productions, JoshWho, 5 radio stations, and also runs internationally.

Her writing has appeared in Paranormal Underground Magazine, Fate Magazine, and Senior Magazine.

Leitreanna Brown, Matthew Brown, Elijah Brown, and Mia Brown – Smith were featured on the cover of Paranormal Underground Magazine and Bite Me Magazine. They were featured on Bio Chanel’s TV show My Ghost Story Caught on Camera, LMN Network’s the Ghost Inside My Child and SyFy’s Paranormal Witness.  Leitreanna has been featured on numerous radio shows including Coast to Coast, Demonology Today, Paranormal Realities, Voices Carry, Down the Rabbit Hole, Wicken Vixen, The Willie Windtalker Show, Haunted Entertainment, A Haunted Life, Supernatural Realm Radio Show Network, Ghost Mafia, The Haunted Syndicate, and The SCARE Show, Beyond the Grave, Unknown Paranormal Radio, Paranormal Experienced Radio, Paranormal Experienced, Alternative Frequencies, Blogtalk Radio, Paranormal Underground Radio, Renee Live, Ghost Tales Network, and Full Spectrum Radio Network.  Leitreanna is a member of Dominion Ministries Outreach Network and is now speaking at paranormal conventions such as Carolina Paracon and The Paranormal Awards Paracon.  She hosted the Dixie Ghostland Paracon in South Carolina where 23 paranormal celebrities attended.

Some guests on Family Spirit include:

Kadrolsha Ona Carole, Queen of the Paranormal (R) and host of Hollywood Entertainment News

Andrea Perron, author of House of Darkness, House of Light

John Zaffis of Haunted Collector

Jeff Leeper of Ghost Hunters and Forensically Paranormal Investigations

Barry Fitzgerald Lead Investigator of Ghost Hunter’s International

Mark and Debby Constantino of Ghost Adventures

Keith and Sandra Johnson, Author of Paranormal Realities I and II

Booth Brothers, film directors

Bill Scott, Author of “When Satan Called”

Carl Johnson of TAPS, Animal Planet, and Paranormal State

Mike Ricksecker Ghostorian and Author

Richard Parnell – Owner and CEO of GTN (Ghost Tales Network)

Bill Bean, Demonologist and Author of Dark Force as seen on Ghost Hunters

Leon Wilkes, Demonologist and Leader of Spiritual Warfare Alliance Team

David Campione – Author of The World’s Greatest UFO/Flying Saucer Documentary

Dave Considine Demonologist former apprentice to Ed and Lorraine Warren, Founder of Phantasm Psychic Research he organizes and aids individuals and families whose lives have been affected by the supernatural and preternatural realms. In his spiritual warfare work, Considine has collaborated closely with Father Malachi Martin, Father Rama P. Coomaraswamy, and Bishop Robert McKenna.  Dave is also a consultant for A HAUNTING TV program.




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