10 Rock + Metal Bands With Absolutely Wild Tour Stories


I’ve had my share of wacky nights: the time Andy Dick showed up to a party he wasn’t invited to and took all of our blow (six people’s worth); when that one guy (who shall remain nameless) drunkenly pissed in a Grammy award-winning artist’s pool; or when someone in a touring band stole my prescription anxiety meds after they played a house show in my basement (not cool, dude, I seriously needed those). But I’m not a rock star — I just write about them.

Now they’ve got some crazy stories. Some are still fondly remembered, while others are considered part of a past well-buried. Either way, music history is replete with wild, random and just plain unfortunate tales of life on tour.

Let’s reminisce about them.

10 Rock + Metal Bands’ Absolutely Wild Tour Stories

Rock stars being rock stars.

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