The Kristen Arnett Show: Carmen Maria Machado on Pleasure Reading and Home Renovation


On this episode, Kristen talks with Carmen Maria Machado, author of In the Dream House and Her Body and Other Parties, about home renovating, Philadelphia, foot surgery, and that time when her dog ate a weed gummy.

From the episode:

Carmen Maria Machado: I actually had a productive day today. So I am working, though it is hard with the world falling apart. I think before I was taking my stress out about the pandemic by cleaning, but now that I have a cast on I can’t even move around…

I’ve been drawn toward a certain kind of… there are certain books that are just easier to read. I recently read Milkfed, a new novel by Melissa Broder coming out soon. Like that was so easy to read, it’s a super sexy novel, but it depends on what it is. Some things my brain can’t process right now, so I feel like I just need books to be pleasurable for now.

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