Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 9 Recap


Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

In the previous episode of Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty, Rick humbled Morty into accepting his vat-of-acid gambit. In Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 9, Rick interrupted a family camping trip to see a planet that he’d gotten pregnant.

Gaia and Reggie

Jerry, Beth, Summer, Morty, and Rick were in the car on the way to go camping. However, Rick got a sci-fi call from Gaia about the children that he’d fathered. Beth insisted that he take responsibility, so Rick took over the car and brought them to a planet. He’d had sex with a planet.

Gaia was spewing clay humanoids that resembled Rick, and Beth teamed up with Rick to take care of them. Together, Beth and Rick sorted the clay people into roles to form a society. Rick’s ultimate goal was to get them into space. However, just as Rick and Beth were christening their civilization, Reggie appeared as a cloud. Gaia had confirmed that Reggie was actually the father.

Video Games and Partying

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 9 Recap

Summer and Morty didn’t want to go camping. Summer was missing a party, and Morty was glued to his video game. While Beth and Rick sorted the clay people, Jerry took them camping. However, Summer blew up at Jerry, who left. Morty and Summer wandered the woods and realized that they had no survival skills.

Fortunately, they found a crashed ship. Inside, Morty compared the buttons to his video games, and Summer found the aliens’ shared knowledge stored in a bong-like device. They used video games and partying to get the shipping running again. However, they couldn’t control it, but they ended up saving Rick from Reggie, who was a Zeus. Rick was losing in his epic fight, but the spaceship flew right into Reggie, killing him.

The Unproductives

Beth and Rick had sorted what they deemed “the Unproductives” to go out a pipe in the back. After Summer hurt Jerry’s feelings about camping, Jerry found himself in the Unproductives pipeline. The Unproductives listened to Jerry as he taught them how to camp, and he became their leader. Jerry taught the Unproductives that the clay people in the civilization were bad.

Jerry and the Unproductives crashed the civilization’s ceremony. He became their Moses, parting the sea and bringing on plagues. While Rick dealt with Reggie, Beth handled Jerry and the Unproductives. When Reggie’s body came crashing down onto the civilization, Gaia destroyed most of the clay people. Rick flew the spaceship to save Jerry, Beth, and a few of the Unproductives. Rick left the Unproductives with the spaceship but put a tracking device on it since they suspected that Gaia would send them after him for revenge.

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